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Cal Club Autocross Announces Region Changes Starting January 2019

Dear Cal Club Autocross Members,

We have some exciting changes to our region starting in January 2019. The principal changes will increase our region’s collaboration by simplifying leadership roles while encouraging more interaction between members.

Before I explain the changes, I would like to share our region’s current structure and history so that you may have a better understanding of where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Our current region structure consists of the Executive Board (E-Board) and Solo Committee. The E-Board is made up of the Chairman, Assistant Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and active Committee Chairs. All E-Board members have no voting power, but can set certain policies and guide the Cal Club Autocross organization. The Solo Committee members are the Club Reps and they are the only ones with voting power on all items regarding operation of Cal Club Autocross. The number of votes each club has is based on each club’s participation in the region's autocross events.

The Club Reps are from our seven current clubs: CASOC, Guldstrand Racing Association (GRA), Morgan +4, No Bucks, Pacific Sports Car Club (PSCC), Sport Compact National Autocross Club (SCNAX), and Team Cal Club (TCC). Club Reps are voted in by members of their respective clubs.

Cal Club Autocross has been in existence in its current form since 1985. Originally, the clubs operated autocross independently, but combined to form the Southern California Council of Sports Car Clubs (SCCSCC) in the 1950’s. When the Sports Car Club of American (SCCA) formed, the clubs in SCCSCC united under a common banner of California Sports Car Club. We have operated in that way for more than 30 years, with clubs and the E-Board taking turns “hosting” our monthly events.

Back in 2017, I tasked a sub-committee to address the subject of event profit “club splits.” The sub-committee quickly realized the topic advanced to a larger concept that would accomplish several goals for the region: maximize the strength of the region’s autocross program in the long term; provide for balanced management of the region with a focus on our membership; maintain connection with the clubs that have been part of the region’s history while eliminating tribal interests inherent in the present structure; and add value for our membership consistent with the core values of the region.

The sub-committee presented its findings to the E-Board and Solo Committee in the fall of 2018, and proposed the below structural changes.

Key changes:

  • The Solo Committee will consist of five Directors and the Chairman. Regular votes are generally by majority, with the Chair voting to break any ties.

  • The Directors shall be elected by the region members—active points card holders (no longer individual club members)—and shall serve a two-year term.

  • The terms shall be staggered, with three directors being elected in even numbered years and two in odd numbered years.

  • For 2019, the directors shall be the four Club Reps from clubs that have hosted events in 2018: CASOC, SCNAX, PSCC, and Morgan+4. A fifth board member shall be appointed by the Chairman.

  • The Appointee and the Directors rolled over from the two clubs who’ve hosted the most events over the last three years—2016, 2017, and 2018—shall serve for 2019 and 2020. The two remaining Directors shall serve for 2019 then may run for the positions in 2020.

  • Directors are limited to three two‐year terms in succession. They may re‐run for Director after a one‐year break.

  • References in the by‐laws to the member Clubs are eliminated, but we will maintain the list of authorized clubs for the region, permit points‐card holders to select a club affiliation, and recognize team challenges.

As with any organization that seeks continuous growth and improvement, Cal Club Autocross has moved forward onto its next phase. I am confident that these changes will enhance our region by providing more accountability and transparency of our leadership, policies, and actions.

You can read the full 2019 By-Laws for more detailed information on the changes.

Stephen Yeoh

Cal Club Autocross Chairman


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