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Member Clubs

Member Benefits


  • Access to all Sunday events

  • Priority registration for Saturday practices

  • Free instruction at events


  • Collect points in our year-long championship series

  • Win trophies or Solo Bucks

  • Permanent driver number


  • Special social outings exclusive to members

  • Annual end-of-year banquet

Member Clubs


Even we don’t remember what CASOC stands for!

Club Rep: Randy Gonzalez

Guldstrand Racing Association (GRA)

Multi-Marque club dedicated to racing.

Club Rep: Jason Swindle

Morgan +4 (M+4) 

Morgan+4 & Historic auto owners and enthusiasts, one of the oldest clubs in California!

Club Rep: Brian Howlett

No Bucks (No$) 

No meetings, no dues, no problem!

Club Rep: Mike Simanyi

Pacific Sports Car Club (PSCC) 

Established in 1952!

Club Rep: Rick Brown

Sport Compact National Autocross Club (SCNAX) 

You don’t even have to have a Wrong Wheel Drive car to join!

Club Rep: Sean Fenstermacher

Team Cal Club (TCC)

Founded in 1984 so that SCCA members could earn Championship points without having to join another club/team.

Club Rep: Maggie Jardine

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