Points Cards FAQ

What is a Points Card?

A points card provides a number of benefits:

  • The ability to accumulate points toward the year-end championship competition (you can't win a trophy or jacket without one!)
  • A "permanent" car number for the year (no taping 6xx numbers to your paint)
  • Guaranteed entry into Sunday Championships (for those times we run out of 6xx numbers reserved for non-points card holders)
  • Priority entry into some practices. This is up to the club hosting the practice.
  • Ability to participate in team competitions

How do I purchase a Points Card?

Check to see if the number you want is available on the Points Card Listings, then purchase your points card on this page.

How long is a Points Card valid?

A points card is valid from date purchased until end of calendar year it was purchased. If you are a NEW member AND it is purchased after the championship event in September (or after September 30, whichever comes first), it will be valid until the end of the following calendar year it was purchased (i.e. 10/2007 - 12/2008). Thus you get three months free by buying early. A points card expires at the end of the year but subsequently put ON HOLD until the next renewal date starts (1st of October). The member has until two weeks after that to renew it. If at that time the card is not renewed, then the status of the card becomes AVAILABLE to the public.

Can I reserve a Points Card number before paying?

Points card numbers are NOT put on hold/reserve by request for anyone.

Do I need to join the SCCA to get a Points Card?

Technically no, but you will NOT be able to compete in our events since SCCA membership is required.

Do SCCA members need a Points Card to compete for points?

Yes. While an SCCA membership will provide you some of the benefits of a Cal Club Autocross points card, it will not allow you to compete for points. Points are tracked by car number, so without the permanent number provided by the points card, you will not be able to compete for points.

Do I have to join a club to get a Points Card?

Yes. Cal Club Autocross is organized as a conglomeration of clubs and in order to be a Cal Club Autocross member, you must be a member of one of the clubs that comprises the organization. There are many clubs to choose from, from marquee clubs to nation-wide clubs, and many of them do not have any extra dues. Learn about our clubs.

When will I receive my Points Card?

Points cards are no longer mailed out as they are not required at registration (only driver's license and SCCA membership card. As long you are registered online, your name will appear on the list.