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Cal Club Drivers Win 14 out of 18 Classes at the 2020 Fontana ProSolo

In what will turn out to be one of the strangest years in recent memory, Cal Club was able to have some resemblance of normality by co-hosting the 2020 Fontana ProSolo with the SCCA on July 25-26, 2020. Amidst social distancing protocols and face covering requirements, 141 drivers competed against each other in the action packed drag-racing launch autocross, otherwise known as the ProSolo.

Out of 18 classes, Cal Club drivers win 14 classes and takes home a total of 29 trophies

G Street - Michael Yanase 1st; Stephen Yeoh 2nd; Terence Chang 3rd

STR - Michael Oest 1st; Matt Jones 2nd

STX - Adam Tarnoff 1st

S1 - Steve O'Blenes 1st; Jonathan Lugod 2nd

S2 - Jeff Wong 1st

S4 - Tom Berry 2nd

S5 - James Yom 1st; Reed Gibson 2nd

R1 - Jeff Kiesel 1st; Zak Kiesel 2nd; Eric Clements 3rd

CAM - Chad Ryker 1st; Matthew Ramirez 6th

XSA - Matt Corodimas 1st; Michael Bradley 2nd

XSB - Mike Flanigan 1st

L1 - Nicole Wong 1st; Lisa Berry 2nd

L2 - Neelu Yeoh 1st; Shauna Rios 2nd; Kendra Mabie 3rd

L3 - Catherine Tran 1st

Bump - Ed Tsui 1st, Dennis Hubbard 2nd, Pete Loney 3rd

Our own Michael Yanase takes home the overall Super Challenge win, with a 0.7s come from behind victory over also-our-own Dennis Hubbard in the head-to-head bracket racing. Kate Fischer of the Arizona Region wins the Ladies Challenge and Craig Naylor of the San Diego Region wins the Bonus Challenge. Kerry Gonzalez of the Arizona Region wins the CAM Challenge.

Congratulations to all those who trophied and thank you to all volunteers who put on this great event!

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