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Cal Club Autocross Boasts 12 National Champions and 26 Trophy Winners at 2018 Solo Nationals and Pro

Cal Club Autocross brought home a dozen first place finishes and more than 25 trophies during the 2018 Tire Rack Solo Nationals Championship (Sept. 4-7) and ProSolo Finale (Sept. 1-2) held at Lincoln Airpark in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Competitors had to battle a variety of conditions during their runs, including seven inches of rain during the week, drying conditions, and darkness.

Solo Nationals Champions

  • A Modified: Marshall Grice; Third National Championship, third in class

  • B Street Ladies: Shauna Rios; First National Championship

  • *CAM-T: Chad Ryker

  • E Modified Ladies: Shawn Kiesel; Eleventh National Championship, tenth in class

  • F Modified: Zak Kiesel; First National Championship

  • Super Street R Ladies: Nicole Wong; Eighth National Championship, first in class

  • Street Touring Roadster: Jonathan Lugod; Third National Championship, second in class

  • Street Touring Roadster Ladies: Jessica Pao; First National Championship

  • *Street Modified Ladies: Theresa Berry

(Note: * Indicates not a National Championship event.)

Solo Nationals Trophy Winners

  • A Street: Matt Jones: 16th

  • A Street Prepared: Tom Berry, 2nd; Christine Grice, 3rd

  • B Street Prepared: Jeff Stuart, 4th; Mark DeShon, 5th

  • Classic American Muscle Contemporary: Brandon Porambo, 7th; Paul Molina, 9th

  • E Modified Lades: Kaila Kiesel, 2nd

  • E Street: Leonard Cachola, 13th

  • F Modified Ladies: Kencey Christopher, 2nd

  • F Street: Jeff Wong, 3rd

  • G Street: Kaustav Acharya, 6th

  • G Street Ladies: Kristen Acharya, 2nd

  • Solo Spec Coupe: Mike Simanyi, 11th

  • Street Touring Ultra: Matt Ales, 6th

  • Street Touring Roadster: Ken Motonishi, 2nd; Michael Yanase, 11th; Peter Loney, 12th

  • Street Touring Xtreme: Adrian Cardenas, 2nd

ProSolo Finale Champions

  • Bump Class: Jeff Wong

  • Ladies Class 1: Christine Grice

  • Street Touring Roadster: Ken Motonishi

ProSolo Finale Trophy Winners

  • A Street: Danny Gross, 2nd

  • Ladies Class 1: Nicole Wong, 3rd

  • Race Tire Index 1: Jeff Kiesel, 2nd; Zak Kiesel, 4th

  • Street 2: Tom Berry, 3rd

  • Street Touring Roadster: Jonathon Lugod, 4th

  • Street Touring Xtreme: Steve O’Blenes, 4th

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