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2014 Cal Club Autocross Regional Champions

Overall Open Champion 
Tom Berry
Overall Ladies Champion
Stacey Miller


Tom Berry


Stacey Miller

Street Combined R

Richard Warriner

Street Combined 1

Matt Ales

Street Combined 2

Jeff Stuart

Street Combined 3

Paul Wehrman

Historic 1

Doug Teulie

Historic 2

David Barrish

Street Touring Compact

Stephen Yeoh

Street Touring Sport

Pete Loney

Street Touring Ultra

Jon Moon

Street Touring eXtreme

Max Hayter

Street Touring FWD

Alvin Francisco

Street Touring Roadster

Sebastian Rios

Street Prepared Combined

Anthony Porta

Street Modified 

Jason Swindle

Super Street Modified

Julian Manolov

Street Modified FWD

Tetsu Fukui

California Street Modified

Jon Hartendorp


Stanley Kowalski


George Schilling

Junior A

Kevin Jung

Junior B

Cyan Kalman

Junior C

Tadao Nakata


Paul Churgin (STX)

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