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2009 Cal Club Autocross Regional Champions

Overall Open Champion 
Tom Berry
Overall Ladies Champion
Christine Berry


Tom Berry


Christine Berry

Super Stock

Chad Stubblefeild

A Stock

George Schilling


G Stock

Chuck Waer

G Stock L

Diana Waer

H Stock

Paul Wehrman

Stock Tire 1

Tom Tanquary

Stock Tire 2

Adrian Covert


Brian Howlett

Street Touring

Jeff Wong

Street Touring L

Nicole Nagler

Street Touring Sport

Craig Naylor

Street Touring Ultra

Paul Interrante

Super Street Touring

Steve Lepper

A Street Prepared

Jo Ann Lynch

C Street Prepared

Bill Schenker ?

F Street Prepared

Doug Teulie

Street Modified

Chris Teague

Super Street Modified

Ryan Severy

California Street Modified

Lisa Severy

California Street Touring

Michael Bradley

Combined Prepared/Modified

Don Salyers


Eric Clements


Jonathan Clements


Tadd Ekstrand

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