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2006 Cal Club Autocross Regional Champions

Overall Open Champion 
Tom Berry
Overall Ladies Champion
Christine Berry


Tom Berry


Christine Berry

Super Stock

Steve Warwick

A Stock

George Schilling

F Stock

Don Salyers

G Stock

Chick Waer

G Stock L

Diane Waer

H Stock

Paul Wehrman

Stock Tire 1

John Kestler (AS)

Stock Tire 2

Craig Naylor


David Barrish

Street Touring

Kyle Williams

Street Touring L

Renee Angel

Street Touring 2

James Wilson 

Street Touring Ultra

Max Hayter

Street Touring eXtreme

Sebastian Rios

A Street Prepared

George Lynch

C Street Prepared

Eric Clements

D Street Prepared

Mike Sanchez

E Street Prepared

Pete Loney

F Street Prepared

Will Kalman

Street Modified

Casey Quinn

Street Modified 2

Steve Eguina

California Street Modified

Art Rinner

F Prepared

Pat McBride


Andrew Hsieh


Lisa Berry

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