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1998 Cal Club Autocross Regional Champions

Super Stock

Monty Pollard

Super Stock L

Jo Ann Lynch

D Stock

Owen Riehle

E Stock

Don Green

H Stock

Bob Jardine

H Stock L

Gayle Jardine

Stock Tire 1

Craig Angel

Stock Tire 2

Keith Lyon

Sport Truck

Carlos Mejia

Street Touring 2

Cliff Collipriest

A Street Prepared

Hung-Jen Hung

B Street Prepared

Rita Wilsey

C Street Prepared

Tom Berry

D Street Prepared

Marilyn Carrol

E Street Prepared

Steve Eguina

Street Modified

Brian Chmielewski

Street Modified L

Lori Robertson

B Prepared

Brian Robertson

C Prepared

Bill Martin

E Prepared

Eric DeHaven

C Modified

Guy Ankeny

Junior Karts

Christine Berry

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