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1993 Cal Club Autocross Regional Champions

Super Stock

George Lynch

C Stock

Michael Butler

D Stock

Shawn Carrol

D Stock L

Marilyn Carrol

E Stock

Don Green

F Stock

Glenn Duensing

F Stock L

Renee Angel

Stock Tire

Mike Mayfield

Stock Tire L

Ginger Clark

A Street Prepared

Colin Coleman

A Street Prepared L

Rita Wilsey

B Street Prepared

Theresa Spontelli

C Street Prepared

Bob Endicott

D Street Prepared

Tom Berry

D Street Prepared L

Theresa Berry

E Street Pepared

Robert Mosso

Street Modified

Tom Minnich

E Prepared

Neil Schmidt

E Prepared L

Diane Cadenhead

C Modified

Bill Martin

Combined Prepared/Modified

Rick Perry (AM)

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